Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life from the perspective of a sleep deprived student

Life is complicated I've decided. And as a teenager ( let alone a girl teenager) it can be hard. When I'm home I'm one person. I'm a child again and I do what I'm told. I follow the rules not because I choose but because there's no other choice. When not at home I'm responsible. At school I'm like an adult. I go where I'm supposed to by my own choice and I do my assignments when I choose. Students have a different life at school. Who they associate with. What activities they're in. Where they go and what they do is up to them. Now we know the consequences. Good things come from good choices... etc. But it's different. So that's one complication in our lives.

Another is boys ( or likewise girls). For me boys = drama. I swear they are more dramatic about somethings than us( and we get the bad rap). School is full of " who likes them...?"s " oo that's too bad why doesn't he like you?"s "why does he like her instead?"s and " does he like me?"s. So to add on to the 4 hours of English, 2 of CP chem, 1 of Math, 1 1/2 Of french and the odds and ends of projects, we have the constant bombardment on our self-esteem of trying to figure out the opposite gender ( a course not offered at my school).

Then there's just friends in general. Backstabbing, hushed whispers behind closed doors. "who likes who"s and why. We never learned the lesson of gossiping and being too curious that adults seem to expect us to know. we live in a world where every event is fair game.

But life is good.

I have the best friends in the world. I have a very complicated system of friends but I have it figured out. And everything is good. Worries will fade in time. Stress will melt away. these will be replaced I'm sure but for now? LIFE IS GOOD. LIFE IS WONDERFUL. LIFE IS A GIFT. don't waste it. don't insult the Giver by wasting it.

I may have family problems, but so does everyone. I have trials. Everyone does.

The reason Ive learned this?

I joined a group this year. They are my family. Ive met my people! Singing. Dancing. Laughing. But most importantly, Ive learned friendship. Ive learned that the Savior is ALWAYS there for me. Can you imagine that? ALWAYS. contemplate that. The Gospel is here. The Gospel is TRUE. And I have it. How blessed am I?