Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life from the perspective of a sleep deprived student

Life is complicated I've decided. And as a teenager ( let alone a girl teenager) it can be hard. When I'm home I'm one person. I'm a child again and I do what I'm told. I follow the rules not because I choose but because there's no other choice. When not at home I'm responsible. At school I'm like an adult. I go where I'm supposed to by my own choice and I do my assignments when I choose. Students have a different life at school. Who they associate with. What activities they're in. Where they go and what they do is up to them. Now we know the consequences. Good things come from good choices... etc. But it's different. So that's one complication in our lives.

Another is boys ( or likewise girls). For me boys = drama. I swear they are more dramatic about somethings than us( and we get the bad rap). School is full of " who likes them...?"s " oo that's too bad why doesn't he like you?"s "why does he like her instead?"s and " does he like me?"s. So to add on to the 4 hours of English, 2 of CP chem, 1 of Math, 1 1/2 Of french and the odds and ends of projects, we have the constant bombardment on our self-esteem of trying to figure out the opposite gender ( a course not offered at my school).

Then there's just friends in general. Backstabbing, hushed whispers behind closed doors. "who likes who"s and why. We never learned the lesson of gossiping and being too curious that adults seem to expect us to know. we live in a world where every event is fair game.

But life is good.

I have the best friends in the world. I have a very complicated system of friends but I have it figured out. And everything is good. Worries will fade in time. Stress will melt away. these will be replaced I'm sure but for now? LIFE IS GOOD. LIFE IS WONDERFUL. LIFE IS A GIFT. don't waste it. don't insult the Giver by wasting it.

I may have family problems, but so does everyone. I have trials. Everyone does.

The reason Ive learned this?

I joined a group this year. They are my family. Ive met my people! Singing. Dancing. Laughing. But most importantly, Ive learned friendship. Ive learned that the Savior is ALWAYS there for me. Can you imagine that? ALWAYS. contemplate that. The Gospel is here. The Gospel is TRUE. And I have it. How blessed am I?
I am a sister. I am a daughter. I'm an aunt, musician, purple lover, chocolate eater and friend. I am a lover not a fighter, but i will fight for love. I am a reader, a writer, a poet and I am unique. I'm an AP and CP student. I am willing to help. I am a testimony holder. I am a listener. I am a speaker. I am loud and obnoxious and loyal. I am a Mormon.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

catchup or ketchup?

so since that incident with the birthday i have been doing many a thing:

example A: ALICIA'S BDAY

Ok so on June 25th my best friend Alicia turned the great and holy age of 16 haha so of course we HAD to do SOMETHING haha

so at 5:30 in the morning me and Celine got into the car... ( the night before she came over and we made muffins and danced around and eventually slept. thats right a sleepover... my mom allowed it haha this time) and drove over to Alicia's house where her mom was waiting ( we coordinated with her) to open the door and let us in. she video taped everything haha... anyway we went into her room ( Alicia's not Sis Ferrin) and blind folded her and dragged her out of bed haha then took her to the door

haha thats us : me, Alicia and Celine

we proceeded to my house for muffins and fruit haha lets just say my new nickname is Mac Celines Cheese and Alicia's victim haha a couple of other ppl were at the house and it was real fun.


So later on i went to Austins party( see above) onto Alicia's. it was real fun and we danced and partied and played Just Dance 2 and TWISTER haha

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let the good times rollllll!

so yesterday was my good friend Natalie's 16Th bday so i decided i was going to surprise her with a cake ( gluten free)! i told Nathan about this and him along with Bryson and Antonio showed up to help. soon both Alicia and Celine both were at my house too! then somehow Ivy showed up too! hehe partay!!! so we made the cake and a poster then were about to leave when it dawned on me that we were all riding with Nathan. in his 3 passenger truck. naturally my friends and i take this as a challenge! we fit all of in then took off... oh the looks we got...
then when we got there me and Antonio and bryson ninja'd around a while til the others showed up and then we went and surprised Natalie :) she was thrilled!!!

above right: the girls hanging on the truck

to the left: the landyard buddies ( eventho Ivy's is really mine)

top right: Alicia got on the ground and everyone piled!

So this is us: Bryson, Ivy, Celine, ME, Antonio, Nathan and Aliciaand thats the birthday girl! Natalie!
then after all that madness me and celine came back to my house where we talked and ate pizza and Tilly became an alien:


Summer is finally here! and here it will stay til like november... but break wont last that long. but me and my friends are determined to not let that hinder us!

The day after school got out for us, our good friend Brsyon was let out of his educational prison ( haha suckkker!) and he decided to hold a summer party! we started with a foodfight :


from top left to top right: Bryson, Jordan, April, Valerie, Abbeney, Antonio, Lindsey,Me and Avel

from bottom left to bottom right: Brysons little sis malory, Angela, Ivy, Alyssa, (top) Hannah, Celine, and Natalie


from top to bottom ( left to right): Ivy, Jordan Malory,April, Alyssa, Abbeney, Antonio, Hannah me, Natalie, Angela, Avel, Nathan, Bryson, Celine and Lindsey

Then after that we hosed off ( TOOK FOREVER!) Then dove into the pool! after a good swim we decided to start our bonfire! we burned all the good and bad stuff from school this past year! it was satasfying :

So the party was a success im proud to say :) yay to summer!!!!


The clock slowly moans its way heartbreakingly slow towards the 12:20 mark. the students hold their breath collectively as the teacher rambles on about school not ending til that time... then not soon enough the bell starts to ring its melodious chime. SCHOOL IS OUT! finally! the thing every student has been looking forward to since school began! the end, the glorious end!

but wait...

for all the musicians its not over. the last bell may ring but our grades are not set in stone until late that night. GRADUATION. the ceremony to end a students high school career. at my school we sing or play all the music at this monumental occasion. so tho we may moan and groan this is our true end. the caps are thrown. SUMMER BEGINS!!!!!

me and Celine wait til all the names are read....

me and nicala... they grow up so fast...


so a few weeks ago i got the awesome opportunity to go perform at a small little diner called Sweetcakes. i got a 15 min set and me and my friend Briana did a duet and then we each had a solo. hers was amazing as normal for her. mine was a little different. i was performing a single called Everything to Me by none other then myself. this was my first time performing both this song and the first time performing a song i wrote. to say i was nervous was a great understatement. but knowing that i did it and having some of my close friends there( even tho my parents were in Germany at the time) was an extraordinary feeling. I'm so glad Celine talked me into doing it.

( sorry a little fuzzy) thats Celine playing for me